Thinking Green

100% Recyclable &
Biodegradable Packaging

Our Packaging is now 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable. Comprised of 100% recyclable cardboard, 100% recyclable packaging tape and 100% biodegradable packaging peanuts.


Use 30% Less Water
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Save £242 /per year*

Our Crystal Showerhead uses 30% less water than the average household shower. That is over 20,000 litres of water saved annually, a huge saving of over £240* every year!

We Can Save
190,000 Tonnes of CO2 /per year*
551,000,000,000 Litres of water annually

If the entire country had a Crystal Showerhead installed, we would save 551 BILLION litres of water every single year. That's 190,000 Tonnes of CO2 annually!

You can make a difference today


Fact Check Us!

- *Average UK Household Water Consumption :

- *Average UK Household Water Bill :

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