Thinking Green

100% Recyclable &
Biodegradable Packaging

Our Packaging is now 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable. Comprised of 100% recyclable cardboard, 100% recyclable packaging tape and 100% biodegradable packaging peanuts - just pour some water on and watch them disintegrate in seconds.

We are also pleased to announce we are in the process of developing our products to be made of 100% recyclable materials in the very near future.

Use 30% Less Water
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Save £242 /per year*

Our Crystal Showerheads use over 30% less water than the average household shower. Our studies show that by using our Crystal Showerheads the average household would save up to 20,148 litres of water every single year - that's £242* off the average water bill!

We Can Save
190,000 Tonnes of CO2 /per year*
551,000,000,000 Litres of water annually

If the entire country had our Crystal Showerheads installed, we would use 551 BILLION litres of water less every single year. That's 190,000 Tonnes of CO2 annually! Now that is a BIG impact for a showerhead.

We can make a difference today


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- *Average UK Household Water Consumption :

- *Average UK Household Water Bill :